How to get your business online ASAP



The recent announcements that the UK are in lockdown, means that many SMEs and freelancers are having to review how they are going to be doing business for the foreseeable future.

If you are not already online, we get that it can be scary and a minefield of where to start.  We are being asked as a country not to panic, but we are seeing panic pivoting.  This is where a business has launched a new offering or service, that doesn’t fit with their existing audience, and the language and methodology isn’t resonating. You can absolutely add a new online service or delivery method to your revenue streams, whilst working at home. And this doesn’t have to be a full platform build.
How to get your business online ASAP

In the first of our posts about getting online once you are set up to work remotely, these steps are great for freelancers, fitness professionals, yoga teachers and anyone who runs regular weekly sessions. 

1) Pause Before Pivoting

Creating a panic pivot from a place of fear can be very risky.

There are easy ways to get online, like our off-platform launch in under 1 week, yet you still need some sort of strategy.

In other words take a breath and from a place of opportunities look what you could be offering.

2) Projected Revenue

This is again why we pause before doing an online pivot, as you will need to have an idea within your existing audience, what the potential revenue generation can be.

If you are looking to go beyond your existing audience, what is the marketing spend?



Get your business online

3) Tech Requirements or Support

There are many simple ways to get online quickly, and our Launch in 1 week option is one of these.

It focuses on keeping things simple, with low tech options and choosing the basic packages with options like Zoom, but it does mean that for group sessions you need to keep to under 40 mins duration.

Map out what you are looking to create if not learning from someone before signing up and purchasing.

4) Integration

The part that trips most people up, to get one system to talk to each other automatically, without you manually spending hours trying to process.

The easiest way to start the process, is once you know the tech you want to use, search their site for an integrations page to see if it is a system already supported and integrated.

If not, you are going to have to consider how to do this.

Keep things simple and when in doubt ask for help.

Need help getting online asap?
Let’s talk and get you up and running asap.

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