Business Consulting

At ElevateLABS we know business!

And we know how to make them successful, using strategic growth and business  development strategies.

Consultancy Program

Our consulting program is designed to help start up business entrepreneurs and SME businesses , devise how to get results and ultimately achieve their goals whether that is increased profitability, expansion and scaling or exit requirements.

We have worked with creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, salon owners, independent retail shop owners, artisan interior designers, business coaches, therapists, marketing agencies, high end hotel suppliers, luxury product developers, networking organisations, bloggers and online influencers and diversity consultants.

Our consulting services are intentional, intense and impactful. 

Areas that our consultancy covers:

  • Brand messaging and marketing services
  • Pricing strategies
  • Revenue optimisation
  • Expansion and exit strategies
  • In-house consultant
  • Scaling and recruiting

Available for small and mid-sized businesses who want a vested business partner, we can provide in-house consultants to ensure the successful growth and establishment of a brand or channel.

Work With Us

Are you ready to take charge of your own personal development, but don’t know how to elevate your mindset?

Or maybe you’re an established entrepreneur, but having trouble moving past that block, that area that is challenging you?

If you can relate to these scenarios, then ElevateYOU, the Online Success Club is for you.