6 Best Online Course
Platforms in 2020



Sharing your knowledge and teaching an online course is a great way to leverage your skills and earn a side hustle, but you need to know which are the best online course platforms that you might want to launch in.

Let us first back up and explain why launching an online course or membership is such a great idea.  In 2025 the e-learning or online course market is expected to reach $325 billion.  Also take into consideration this was an estimate before Coronavirus hit and the world is now viewing virtual classrooms and learning environment with increased intensity.

6 Best Online Course Platforms in 2020

There are many online course platforms available and we don’t believe in the best of the best, but you need to consider many factors when choosing which is right for you.

Here is our review of the Top 6 Best Online Course Platforms

Note – this post does contain affiliate marketing links where we earn a small commission if you choose to buy, however there is no extra cost to you.

1) Podia

Podia is web based and is great for putting up an online store for your digital content.  You can also create online courses, digital downloads and membership sites.  The Podia storefronts have a similar template, great if you don’t like too many choices, negative as one Podia storefront can look like another.

Another big plus point to Podia is it’s podcast hosting for digital downloads.

The membership options in Podia enable you to have tiered plans depending on what you want for your membership such as interacting with members and across platforms.

Podia also has the facility to run your own affiliate programme inside of the platform.

You can run a free trial and then prices start from $39 a month.

Find out more about Podia

2) Kajabi

Kajabi is like a superpower for online course creators, and users of Kajabi ourselves we completely agree and love Kajabi.  There are huge plus points to Kajabi the first being its ease of use for non techy professionals

Features include site themes, email marketing automation, customisable checkouts, blogging ability, and up selling of digital assets.

Think of Kajabi as the luxury status in online platform creation used by over 16,000 businesses, and their user experiences reflect this.

You can claim your 14 day trial and then look at their basic plan from $119 and there are often offers available.

Find out more about Kajabi


3) LearnDash

For those WordPress lovers out there, there is no need to completely change platform if you don’t want to.  The simple option is to use LearnDash.

LearnDash is a course builder that does require someone on the team to have more of a techy disposition and skillset in our opinion.  It is a great option and their drip scheduling of lessons is a very nice touch.

There is also the ability to include a grading system within LearnDash that is a nice functionality for teachers or those looking to award certificates and badges.

Find out more and try LearnDash

4) Teachable

This is a great option for beginners, it has easy to uploadable content, you can edit the look of your online school and can engage with your students.

When considering Teachable be aware if you email list is held outside of the platform and the areas of integrations with your favourite email service provider.

The pricing plans are very affordable at $29 a month, with most popular being $99.

Find out more and try Teachable

5) Thinkific

When it comes to creating your first online course it can be daunting. Things such as how many modules/ lessons to include?  How about assignments or quizzes?  And what files or workbooks should you include? 

Thinkific provides not only a great platform, but also ready-to-use templates for course creation guidelines.

There are a variety of payment plans including a free one to try and then the most popular being $99 a month.

Find out more and try Thinkific

6) Ruzuku

If you are planning on hosing webinars then Ruzuku can be a great platform for you.  Unlike other course creation platforms that favour self-paced learning courses, Ruzuku has native video streaming option and you can host webinars at any time during your course and interact with students in real-time.

A beautiful feature is the live chat screen that can run alongside a webinar, allowing that aforementioned interaction with students as they are learning.

For a 1 instructor plan pricing starts from $99 a month.

Find out more and try Ruzuku and try their 14 day trial

Online courses can help you to connect with your existing audience or launch a side hustle, grow your audience and make money faster online.

When choosing the best online course platforms, remember to do you research, look at your existing tech requirements, time restrictions and your skill level.

Ultimately its all about choosing the right features for you, your course and how you imagine scaling your e-learning empire.

Why not get started today?

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