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At ElevateLABS we are dedicated to providing the unique strategies and services which elevate our clients to become leaders in their field. 

Strategic Growth & Business Development

From start up businesses to revamping existing business models, we can provide a range of services from business development to pricing strategies, expansion to exit strategies to services and revenue optimisation. Marketing and brand messaging services are also available to elevate your brand and attract your ideal clients.

Available for small and mid-sized businesses who want a vested business partner, we can provide in-house consultants to ensure the successful growth and establishment of a brand or channel.



Paula Rooney

Floral Designer



Laura taught me to delegate where possible so I employed an Assistant and passed over what I was able to Emily. Letting go of every aspect was difficult for me but Laura taught me to trust in freeing up my time in order to positively grow my business and client campaigns. From her advice I soon understood that it is productive, and necessary, to step away from business to help focus my mind on where I wanted my business to go.

 It’s important to me that I manage my business and family in equal measures, and with this notion I have successfully taken my business to new heights and cannot believe how far I have come. 

 I now have a PA, Client Service Manager, Studio Manager, Accountant and Brand Manager, and won a massive contract as the in-house floral designer at Four Seasons in London. 

Throughout the past three years, Laura taught me to look at the bigger picture and really, really want it! I don’t think my time with Laura is up; it might never be as she has given me a different perception to business and life.

For that, I will remain eternally grateful.


Performance Strategies

From talent management, team development, leadership development to executive and entrepreneur coaching, we deliver bespoke programmes worldwide to get results for our clients, with a high level matching process to a coachee’s needs.

Online Product & Services Development

In the technology age, it’s no surprise that online products and services need strategic solutions to achieve results. We specialise in providing consultancy and development services in websites in WordPress, html, and Kajabi. It has become more critical than ever to make technology work for a business. Doing so requires employing top level strategists to main fluid integration and provide ROI.

Not an expert in technology and using it to market and grow your business? That’s okay as we are. Our team of product and service developers will make the technology aspect of your business easy to understand and transparent in line with your business targets.

Elevate Expertise

The ElevateLABS team has over 60 years experience working in marketing growth, executive coaching and technology support and development.

In addition, the Elevate team has experience working with start up entrepreneurs who have been featured in Forbes, c-suite teams and boardrooms on coaching and talent programmes, to speaking on stage to hundreds of industry professionals. 

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